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Toddler and an iPad

When I was pregnant, I enjoyed observing little kids at the malls and restaurants. There was some sort of trend with families eating together. Some parents give the kids their iPad to keep them busy so both Mommy and Daddy can enjoy a meal peacefully. I have to admit that at the time, I have… Continue reading Toddler and an iPad

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An Apology to my Husband

Dear Husband, I guess it is safe to say that we have been Tom & Jerry in the past few years. I think we know by now that turning me into a Mother was a terrible idea. Despite the fact that I brag about my multi-tasking skills, I was not really good at it because… Continue reading An Apology to my Husband

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“Our Thing”… and about your ear-piercing

When you were born, I had no idea of how to take care of you. I was scared to make mistakes. You were very fragile and I constantly questioned my ability to look after you.  I was lucky my mother was around when you were born. She gave me time to heal and recover from… Continue reading “Our Thing”… and about your ear-piercing

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MAC Lipstick Review – 2016

It is about time I do a review on a few MAC lipstick colours that I used in 2016. I showed you 4 of my favorite colours in my previous post and I got completely drawn to MAC Taupe Lipstick in Matte finish and purchased the same colour three times in the past 2 years.… Continue reading MAC Lipstick Review – 2016

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Fischer Tip Creativ

Hello Mommies and Daddies! Here is another fun activity that I want to share with you. My toddler enjoys creative activities like drawing, coloring, pasting and cutting paper. So here is a great kit that I got for her – Fischer Tip Creativ. It is a fantastic activity for children age 3 years and above. All… Continue reading Fischer Tip Creativ

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I Can’t Wait To Be Her Favorite Again!

My baby who is turning 10 months tomorrow, suddenly prefers her Dad over me these past few days. I have been very jealous lately that she crawls to him and sleeps on his chest at night. Don’t get me wrong. I am very happy that she has this wonderful connection with her Dad. I just… Continue reading I Can’t Wait To Be Her Favorite Again!

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Pharmaceris Products

Since I have been buying all meds and formula from the pharmacy down the building, I have now become friends with the pharmacist. Since day one when I met her, she has been giving me testers of different products. And for some time I’ve been receiving some free Pharmaceris sample sachets.  I didn’t use it… Continue reading Pharmaceris Products

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Ikea Wooden Toys

I love wooden toys and I introduced Ikea’s Mula Bead Roller Coaster  and Stacking Rings to my daughter when she was almost 10 months old. I love how colourful they are and the sound of the wood clicking together. She used to sit and spend so much time playing with these toys. She was amused… Continue reading Ikea Wooden Toys