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“Our Thing”… and about your ear-piercing

When you were born, I had no idea of how to take care of you. I was scared to make mistakes. You were very fragile and I constantly questioned my ability to look after you.  I was lucky my mother was around when you were born. She gave me time to heal and recover from… Continue reading “Our Thing”… and about your ear-piercing

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Fischer Tip Creativ

Hello Mommies and Daddies! Here is another fun activity that I want to share with you. My toddler enjoys creative activities like drawing, coloring, pasting and cutting paper. So here is a great kit that I got for her - Fischer Tip Creativ. It is a fantastic activity for children age 3 years and above. All… Continue reading Fischer Tip Creativ

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Plasma Car

My 3-year old loves the outdoors. Despite the heat, she constantly asks to go out and take her scooter, bike, push-car or sometimes a remote control car. We live in an apartment and her space to play is quite limited however, our building is located along the bay and we can just come down to… Continue reading Plasma Car

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Growing up with Mustela

I decided to share our favorite products from Mustela since we have been using these since I gave birth to my daughter. Mustela products have been her daily essentials for 3 and half years. Gentle Cleansing Gel is good for hair and body. It is gentle on the skin and eyes. We love the mild… Continue reading Growing up with Mustela

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A Poem for Mom

You taught me how to walk, One baby step at a time You always made sure that I am doing fine Every step of the way, you held my hand From the time I could crawl, until I can stand When I grew up, I needed you less You worried a lot that I would… Continue reading A Poem for Mom

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So we've all heard, parenting requires a lot of hard work, patience and self-control. For now, I can tell you that raising a toddler also requires a good imagination. Nobody warned me about the "Why" question. These past few weeks, my daughter has been testing my brain (and my patience) with the question "Why?".   A first time mom like… Continue reading Why?