Marry Me Please??!!!

He comes close when I try to let go
Day after day, he whispers I LOVE YOU
In this cruel world He and I feel the same
You try to break our relationship, Oh girl have a little shame!

You’re stealing my man for your own personal reasons
For getting over your past tragic relations
You wanna get married and I can tell how desperate you are
You cling to a man who’s got a girlfriend, Oh please raise the bar!

You even wrote a poem saying he couldn’t be loving two,
Get real! Who would love you in a week or two?
You say I’m the reason why you always fight,
You’re so funny, I’m the girlfriend here, are you alright?

You worked your way through his family
You think by stressing him out, he’d just leave me?
I’m quite impressed how you play this game intelligently
But you’d only be a replacement of someone he really loves – and that is ME!

If you are all that, why do you act so cheap?
Why do you chase a man like you’re some kind of creep
Come on girl, Get rid of that phone in your hand
You always wake us up, Get out of your fantasy land!

He speaks to you politely and nicely
You got that mixed up with liking you badly
All He’s been trying to do is get rid of you
But you make this so difficult, you haven’t got a clue!

You can impress everyone in the crowd
But I can tell, Decency is something you are without
I read all your messages hoping he’d love you back
Planning your marriage like buying a snack

You even had the nerve to call me names
When you are the one playing all your nasty games
In front of people, you wanna be like a girl next door
But behind the scene, you are begging on the floor…

At this age, You read a lot of books I’m sure
May I suggest you read something to get a cure
Buy the book “He’s Just not Into You”
Then you would know his lines were about dropping you

You are like a gum stuck under his shoe
Text Messaging and Facebook spamming is all you do
Never came across a woman so crazy like you
Crying on the phone and saying I love you…

How in the world would you love someone you never had?
He just went out with you for weeks, and you’re in love with him so bad!
You can insult me, play your drama, for all I care
Did it ever occur to you, we are still together, there are many things we still share!

It’s funny how you try to pursue a man
To say Let’s get married and Let’s make a plan
All that’s left for you to say is “Marry me PLEASE!!???”
Shame girl, I’ve never met a woman like this!


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