Your Life is Just Beginning

The world is big but your path crossed mine
We discovered a love that is so divine
Our friendship blossomed and stayed together
Those memories, I will treasure forever

The years were filled with love and passion
We never lost the sweet loving affection
Until the end, when we are miles apart
You will always have a special place in my heart

Each loving word you whispered in my ear
When I remember them, I still cry a tear
I know we’ll find ourselves with someone else someday
And remember how we said our goodbyes today…

We parted ways not because of me and you
It is for our own good and for a better future too
We both know how much we love each other
But for us, its impossible to stay forever

One day, It wouldn’t be so bad you see,
Coz we’ll have the life that is meant to be
We won’t look back with any regret
Happy years together is something we’ll never forget

It will always be something so great to remember
Our story is filled with a love so tender
So walk away with a smile my lover, my friend
Your life is just beginning, don’t think its the end…


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