My Imaginary Man

Waiting for him to find me one day…
“Run away with me Princess” He would say,
The man I would eventually call “Mine”
That day I’d stop asking for a sign

The same man I’ve always known in my heart
A creation of my imagination from the start
I made him up long time ago
Deep inside I love him so

Years gone by, few relationships fell apart
I’d cry and mend a broken heart
Each time I learn something new
Now I know there’s only so much I can do

I’d always run back to my Imaginary man
I know him so well, He is “The One”
I grew older but my thoughts of him remained the same
Wishing he exists, “Am I insane?”

He has strong arms and beautiful eyes
I never doubt him, there’s no telling lies
He speaks softly and touches me gently
He is everything I hoped my man would be

Then one day, I met someone
I asked myself, “Isn’t he my Imaginary man?”
So warm, So gentle and so sweet
How I love his arms around me when I sleep

This man has everything I’ve always wanted
Loves being home, Hardworking and career-oriented
Sensitive, soft-spoken and emotional
Someone romantic but always rational

I never had so much fun with a man before
I look at him and I can’t ask for more
Being with him makes me happy, it feels so great
Meeting him was a miracle of fate

But then again, some things never change
Some feelings don’t last, it’s really strange
From feeling lost, then feeling found
I was found then he turned around…

Another episode of me having to mend my heart
But letting go is something I’ve mastered from the start
Love is accepting my limitation and fears
Smiling sweetly but inside holding my tears

How could cupid be so cruel?
Shot me but left me feeling like a fool
Why not shoot two arrows for me and my lover?
I only want him, I don’t want another…

Maybe this is the day I just have to run back once more
To the same old hiding place I run to before
With my eyes closed, in my bed all day
That’s where my imaginary man will always stay…


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