It’s Christmas Everyday

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Christmas is about giving and sharing.

It’s been 6 years since I celebrated Christmas holidays with my family. Being away from home is not easy. Most people who work abroad would understand what I mean. We didn’t just leave our loved ones behind but we also said goodbye to some of the traditions we used to share with them.

In the month of September, my mom would put up a big Christmas tree. She would bring out all the ribbons, balls, and lovely ornaments so we could hang them up the tree. In October, she would start wrapping some gifts and place them under the Christmas tree. We watched the lights flicker and change colors to the tune of “Winter Wonderland”. The house was filled with joyous melody. In November, she would play Christmas tunes in the mornings. Children would come to our home and sing carols at night. On Christmas eve, we would gather around the tree and open our beautifully wrapped presents and afterwards, enjoy a delicious meal with the family. Christmas day is a blast. Music playing, Children laughing and it’s a happy day!

This festive season means more than just a holiday to me. Christmas reminds me of my childhood and the togetherness of a complete family. Christmas will never be the same away from home. However, I am grateful for having good friends who bring the spirit of Christmas in little loving gestures. I may be far from home but I am happy to know that no matter where we are, we find that some people feel like family. And it’s up to us to recreate new traditions that we can share with the people around us. Besides, we share our lives with them not just on Christmas day, but everyday.

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