Look Back and Smile

When we grow up. it’s not our home that we miss. It’s our childhood.

When I was young, all I ever wanted was to grow up
I always watched Mom fix her hair and make up
Once I asked, “Can I wear lipstick too?”
Mommy said, “When you grow up sweetie, sure you can too”.

I saw my Mom walk in high-heeled shoes
I tried them on even though they’re loose
Then I said “Mom, I want tall shoes too!”
She whispered, “When you grow up hun, you can have a pair too”.

Some older cousins stayed up all night
And I was tucked in bed, mom turned off the light
They had more freedom than little ones like me
I wondered how long I have to wait to be just as free

Many birthdays passed then I was no longer a kid
I have forgotten the things I said and did
I have grown up, but not old enough
Then following rules was quite a bit tough

Time flew so fast
I’m a grown up at last!
I’m independent and free
Just what I wanted to be

But now some things I truly miss
That carefree spirit & perfect life of bliss
Grown ups have a lot of choices
But freedom comes with consequences

I waited for this time to come for a while
But now all I do is look back and smile

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