Close to “Perfect”

“Nobody is perfect.” That’s what everyone always says. In my life, I made decisions that I am not proud of, made mistakes that I regret, have bad habits that do not benefit me, and at times say things that are inappropriate. And yes, I also said “Well, nobody is perfect”. But as wisdom comes with age, so do people learn to become better individuals. It’s true that nobody is perfect but that doesn’t mean we should never try. Improving ourselves is only possible once we have accepted our flaws and limitations. This will open a room for improvement. Identifying personal weaknesses is one step closer to perfection.

Here is a list of things to ponder on:

1. Balanced Diet

Once in a while, we indulge in meals that satisfy our cravings but do not give us good benefits. Nourishing our body with proper food is the key to healthy living.

2. Healthy Routine

We all have late nights, a day or two. But establishing a good routine allows us to spend time more efficiently. A productive day is a day well spent. Join fitness groups and quit weekday parties.

3. Self Preservation

Knowing the things that will positively benefit ourselves is important. Too much of anything is bad.

4. Co-existence

We should always remember that every little thing we do may affect other people in a big way. Treat others with respect, may it be the garbage collector or the president of the company.

5. Contentment and Gratefulness

Stop, look around you and appreciate what’s already there. Give thanks.

6. Sense of Responsibility

It is only right to enjoy the fruits of your labor. But overindulging in sumptuous meals and shopping is a No-No. Love thy pocket and Prioritize thy necessities. (ouch! this hit me pretty hard!)

7. Relationships

As we get older, we tend to get carried away by many aspects of life. But cultivating friendships and family ties once in a while is an added value to a life well-lived.

8. Learning & Self Achievement

The world is big that a lifetime is not enough to explore it. Make your brain a treasure chest. No one is ever too old to learn.

9. Etiquette

We set standards for ourselves yet not everyone realize that what’s acceptable to us may not be acceptable to others. Peggy Post’s Etiquette book is a very good guide.

10. Forgiveness & Peace

In order to move forward in peace, one must learn to forgive and let go of any grudge against others. It is human nature to be angry at times and worse, to revenge. Little do people know, the longer you keep bad feelings inside, the more negative energy you attract.

People are different from each other, yet have something in common: NO ONE IS PERFECT. But hey, those who are eager to change for the better are the only ones getting close to perfect.


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