Signs of Insecurity

It is human nature to feel insecure at times. However, the extent of insecurity may sometimes bring out bizarre behaviours such as the ones I enumerated below. We all have come across a person or two who act differently than the rest of the people we know. And we often wonder why they are indifferent and why they treat us in a very strange way. Did you ever think that maybe that person feels extremely insecure around you? Here are a few signs of Insecurity:

1. Lack of Appreciation – Sometimes when you wear your best, people tell you “You look great!” and that one person who would look at you and say nothing good or probably even criticise you is insecure.

2. Lack of Support – A person who is confident about his/her skills will not think twice of sharing it with you to help you learn new things. Some people who feel threatened by you will not give you the support you need to ensure you do not outshine him/her.

3. Lack of Sympathy – A person who is insecure does not feel sad when you fall down. In fact, he/she will celebrate because this time he/she feels “the best”

4. Unnecessary Bragging – Ever heard someone say “I have this and that” or “I am this and that”. That person want to prove something by carrying his/her own chair.

5. “You should have..” Attitude – A person who always have a brilliant idea of how you should do or should have done things just wants to prove he/she is better than you. Do what you think is right.

6. Name dropping – Using other important people’s name to show close affiliation or connection to lift ones self.

7. Crab Mentality – A person who won’t let you rise above a situation and instead will drag you down and limit your opportunity to succeed.

8. Back stabbing – Someone who talks about your flaws and mistakes to other people rather than telling you directly.

You probably remembered someone while reading this. Sometimes, it is best to ignore people who are insecure as long as they do not cause us any harm. Unfortunately, in life, not everyone around you is happy for your success and greatness. Sometimes you are hated because you are the person they wish to be and being around you makes them feel less about themselves.

It is important to be yourself no matter what people think of you.

Too bad, I haven’t heard of a cure for the insecure.


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