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Once a Shopaholic


In the end of 2012, I started checking out ways to clear out my closet, shoe cabinet, and handbag shelves eager to follow Oprah’s Closet Rule “Everything you haven’t used in the past 6 months must go”. Then I found out about the Dubai Flea Market which allowed Expats to sell their unwanted stuff on a one-day event held at the Park every first Saturday of the month. I called a few friends and told them about this interesting way to get rid of house clutter and earn extra cash. Three amazing friends agreed to participate at the event and we all had a very productive day.

I got rid of half of my new and barely used clothes, a dozen pairs of forgotten shoes, and a pile of unwanted bags. I sold a box full of stuff I purchased within the last 7 years I spent in Dubai. After selling my stuff for a fraction of the price, I had mixed emotions. Happy that I finally cleaned out the house and got rid of some stuff that have been sitting there for ages and Sad that I kinda lost money from shopping stuff I don’t really need.

So I want to share a few Shopping Tips I learned from a few inspiring people:

  1.  Differentiate between NEED and WANT.
  2. Ask yourself if the item you are purchasing is worth its price.
  3. When you see the word “SALE”, it doesn’t really mean you are saving money if you are buying something you don’t need.
  4. Head to a supermarket, after having a nice meal. You pretty much like everything when you are hungry. – Oprah
  5. There’s nothing wrong with splurging a little and enjoying the fruits of your labor. But know your limits! – Mom
  6. It’s all about quality not quantity. It is better to buy things that are a bit pricey but can serve its purpose for a long time.

If you are a shopaholic, it is never too late to learn! I know the feeling of that short-lived happiness of buying a Louis Vuitton Bag, or walking on a carpet in your fancy pumps and stuffing the fitting room with loads of dresses of different styles and colors! There’s nothing wrong with shopping and enjoying the fruits of your labor and having a little retail therapy but learning to be a wise shopper is apparently a skill!

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