Life Happens

In life, we don’t always get what we want no matter how much we try and how much we want it. There are things that just happen unexpectedly whether we like it or not. People say “You get what you deserve” but that doesn’t really apply to everything that happens in life, does it? Like for instance, getting laid off from work when the company downsizes, being robbed, losing a friend, being hurt by a cheating partner and the list goes on. No matter how good we are, things happen.

Sometimes, we fall in love with someone and hope for a happy ending but somewhere along the way, things don’t work out the way we want it to. We have no control of how other people treat us. We may either love a person more than they love us or love a person less, which makes it easy to walk away and leave the other heartbroken. It’s all about timing I suppose. The forces of nature allow people to go through life in many chapters to teach us how to let go of the things we want and look forward to another chapter that awaits us. This includes saying goodbye to an almost lover and forgetting what could have been.

Mending a broken heart after a relationship that had the greatest impact in your life may take time. And you would probably ask yourself a hundred times if you deserve the heartache? The answer is NO. No one deserves to be hurt after believing that “this is it!”. Everything could go smoothly (or maybe that’s what you think) and then poof! your sandcastle got washed away into the sea. Don’t blame yourself for a relationship that didn’t work the way you wished it would. We all made plans. We all made choices. But know that those very choices we made were surrounded by many other things that affected the outcome. The unexpected turn of events may leave us wounded. We mourn. We withdraw from the world to heal the scars. We recover and eventually move on (or not!). Whatever you do, give it your 100% and leave no room for regrets. We can only learn from our mistakes and carry on.

Life happens.


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