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New Facebook Network for Thrift Shopping

To those who haven’t read my previous blog about my shopping madness, I managed to sell half of my closet full of clothes, handbags, and about a dozen pairs of shoes. In order for me to continuously do what I love (shopping!) without compromising my paycheck, I now started thrift-shopping for others and hunt for bargains and pre-loved handbags, shoes and many others.

Some people are not fond of the idea of purchasing pre-loved stuff so I brought it to a whole new level. I do the shopping myself and managed to acquire a big collection of both new and used stuff that are all in pristine condition. I came up with a better way to use my weakness productively by sharing my passion for buying pretty stuff with many other fab ladies who want chic but affordable fashion items.

There are Fabulous Finds everywhere.
There are Fabulous Finds everywhere.

Looking fabulous comes with a price but I just recently found out myself that there are a lot of stuff out there waiting to be picked by a Fashionista without blowing off half of her monthly income. I hand-pick matching bags, shoes,belts & dresses. This hobby grew on me when a few ladies asked me to shop for them. I instantly decided to keep a notebook to write their sizes and favorite color so when I do a shopping hunt online and during my weekends, I manage to put up a nice collection of stuff that are specially picked for them. Now, my network on Facebook (Zar’s Fab Finds) is expanding but the group provide privacy to all fab friends to ensure everyone is comfortable to shop.

It just feels great to be able to turn my weakness into something useful. I’m very grateful that many ladies appreciate my eye for pretty things and the best part is, I made new friends!

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