The Satchel Craze

Yesterday morning, my close friend Cyrene sent me a message to tell me about an ongoing 24 hour sale at To those who haven’t heard of Zatchels (in case you haven’t guessed by the brand name), they sell fabulous satchels in different sizes, colors and texture. The satchels are “Lovingly Handmade from England” as the tagline says. They are similar to the Cambridge satchels but they offer a wide variety and bigger collection.

Zatchels offered 50% Birthday Slash on all items online. Cyrene purchased 5 bags on the same day. One is supposed to be for me. But after spending the whole day browsing and checking, I ended doing a separate order for 2 satchels for my sister and myself so I can keep my promise to get something for her and to save myself from the guilt-trip. Not that I’m complaining, I love her to bits. All the colors are nice and choosing what to buy took me forever. Purchasing my first satchel was like a huge decision to make. Funny but true! Here’s a preview of the bags I ordered yesterday. (The photos below are taken from

11.5" Pastel Pink Satchel for my lovely sister
11.5″ Pastel Pink Satchel for my lovely sister
11.5" Classic Yellow Satchel
11.5″ Classic Yellow Satchel

Zatchels allows you to add initials on the bag but we decided to put our nicknames on it instead. It will be placed on the lid of the bag.

Jana Zar position

After a long day of deliberation, I finally hit the check-out button. But the bag craze didn’t end there. Friends started talking about the satchels. We all kept checking the website and all the lovely satchels. had a bit of a system problem due to massive orders worldwide. Due to complaints, they decided to extend the promotion to another 24 hours. Because of that, we all wanted to get more bags!

For some reason, I think the satchel craze might be contagious. Today, my friend Aleah ordered 4 pieces for her and other colleagues and I added two more pieces. One for my hubby, a 13″ Chestnut Leather. I customized this piece and added the top handle and also a strap slider (not shown on this photo) and the initials Z.S. which is my first name and his.

13" Chestnut Leather Satchel
13″ Chestnut Leather Satchel

Then the piece I’m really excited about is the 14.5″ Classic Red Leather Satchel, which I think will be a perfect work bag as it could fit an A4 size document without ruining it and could carry everything I need. I also added the handle and the strap slider to make it easier to carry. Then also personalized it by adding my Maiden name on the lid of the Bag.

14.4" Classic Red Satchel
14.5″ Classic Red Leather Satchel

 The 50% Birthday discount at was fantastic! And I can’t explain how excited I am to see the satchels. It was a 48 hour madness. Special Thanks to Cyrene Leicht for sharing the Satchel Craze! 


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