Louis Vuitton Multicolore Alma

This is my second Louis Vuitton Alma. The first one is in Monogram which I sold and replaced with this Multicolore piece. I just love this purse so I thought it must be featured on my blog while it is still in good condition. I purchased this in 2007 – same year when it was discontinued. I don’t use this purse quite often though I wanted to because it tends to be quite heavy when filled with my day-to-day stuff. It has 2 interior pockets. One is a flat pocket and the other is for a mobile phone. The old Alma in MC has an interior mobile phone pocket that does not  fit an iPhone. It also has an exterior front zippy pocket which I never use as it is not really that spacious and putting something in it could change the shape of the bag. The Alma can be a bit uncomfortable to carry on your arm when you are shopping. And because the bottom of the purse is made of vachetta leather which is very delicate, you can’t really put it anywhere when you are trying on clothes or just checking stuff. It gets stained very easily so you have to refrain from putting your purse on moist surfaces. A little bag hanger would be useful to make sure you have a place to keep your bag when dining at a restaurant. In short, this purse needs extra care more than any other LV bags. The vachetta leather of my Alma has turned darker especially on the handles and it has a few but barely unnoticeable watermarks mostly at the bottom of the purse. But over-all, it is still an eye-candy. The colorful pattern on the canvas is a brilliant design. I always say Louis Vuitton’s Multicolore line is the prettiest collection ever made.

Louis Vuitton Multicolore Alma


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