MAC Lipstick Review – 2013

Putting on make up has been part of my everyday routine since I can’t remember when. I posted a review on BENEFIT Cosmetics a few months ago and I probably should have reviewed MAC first because I’ve been using it for a few years. My sister recently requested me to write a review on some MAC Cosmetics so let me share what I think of the products I’ve used. I decided to do a separate blog for MAC lipsticks as this might go on and on. Anyways, here you go.

MAC lippies
Hug Me, Taupe, Mocha, Dubonnet

MAC Lipsticks (Left to Right)

1. Hug Me – This Lippy is in the MAC Lustre Line. It glides smoothly on your lips. MAC described this as “flesh pink” which is spot on. This may look a bit pale though, so you will need to work on your blush to add color on your face. One of the pros to MAC Lustre Lipsticks is you won’t have to worry about putting lip gloss on top of it as it keeps your lips moisturized.

2. Taupe – This is my favorite Lipstick of all time. This has been out of stock in MAC shops in Dubai for a while and luckily, I found it in Beirut Airport (how random is that?). Anyways, Taupe is a Matte Lipstick which is a nude color leaning towards peachy-brown shade rather than pink. It matches a warm skin tone with yellow undertones.

3. Mocha – I got over-bored with nude colors as it is really difficult to find pinkish shades that would match my skin-tone anyway. But purchasing this shade was sort of a mistake as it actually is quite similar to Taupe but a bit lighter and leaning towards orange. It is also in Matte. But I would say Mocha can brighten your face even without putting on your powder blush or bronzer.

4. Dubonnet – Pronounced as “doo-bow-nay”. I wouldn’t know how to say the word so thanks to the friendly MAC Saleslady who suggested I try it on. This is my first ever deviation to my usual shades. Dubonnet is in the MAC Amplified Line. The only downside to this is that, it is a bit tricky to apply (or I’m probably not used to the amplified shade). It tends to dry my lips even if it has a bit of moisture when applied. Also, its almost impossible for me to apply it perfectly. I had to use a lip liner to have a perfect lip contour. Strangely though, I get complemented a lot when I’m wearing this shade.

MAC Lip Pencil

1. Chicory – I figured I can only apply Dubonnet perfectly if I use a lip liner so this one is more like a quick fix to a messy application of the Amplified lippy. Chicory is the shade that matches it. It gives your lips a perfect contour.

Should you be interested in trying on some new colors or simply would like to switch brands, make sure you ask for MAC SA assistance in picking the right colors for you. They are experts in suggesting the shades that best suit your skin tone.

Hope you enjoyed reading!

P.S. I shall update this post when and if I get other shades. xx


5 thoughts on “MAC Lipstick Review – 2013

  1. Sorry it took me a year and a half to respond to you. I went MIA for quite awhile after giving birth.

    I prefer Taupe over Mocha. Although Mocha would be a better choice if you don’t apply blush or bronzer.


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