You are No. 1!

I am so grateful and lucky
to grow up with a loving Daddy
You are the best man in the hearts of three
Your two daughters and your caring Wifey!

When I was young I never thought life could be so tough
For all your sacrifices we can never thank you enough
You always work hard and tirelessly strive
To give us everything to live a wonderful life

In my eyes you are the strongest man
The most responsible and selfless — You are No. 1!
You taught me to be brave and to stand on my own
By letting me feel that I’m never alone

Thank you for lifting my spirit when I am sad
For loving me even at times when I make you mad
Though we are always miles apart
Know that you are always in my heart!


544561_4473377838034_641471226_n Dad - Zar Dad & Jana

One thought on “You are No. 1!

  1. Hi Zarina, I love your poem, it is very meaningful and your parents are also very proud of you. Good job. Of course I am proud for you too. Take care and God Bless


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