Yay! We’re Halfway There!

Our baby is now 18 weeks and 3 days. And looking back, It feels like time has gone by so fast. We are now in the middle of the Second Trimester.  From a 48-kilo pre-pregnancy weight, I now weigh 52.48 kilos. My body has changed. My baby bump has definitely popped out a bit and is now noticeable. Though I did not put on so much weight, I could no longer fit in my pants and dresses. And I feel a lot comfortable wearing stretchy clothes. My hair looks thicker than usual and my nails are growing fast and hard. I can feel the “pregnancy bloom” believe it or not. But the highlight this month is not mommy’s pregnancy glow. I have been feeling our baby’s movements in my tummy at 17 weeks. The little flutters make me smile. It is an amazing feeling that kept me singing children’s songs all day. I tried to let my hubby feel it a couple of times, but he couldn’t feel the baby yet. It will probably take another 4 weeks for him to feel the baby.

The only issues I have this month are Backache and Constipation.  The backache is quite manageable, thanks to my SNOOGLE! It gives a good back support. But sometimes, the size of this pillow makes it impossible to cuddle with the hubby. I still prefer my hubby as a back support from time to time. (And I’m not even kidding!)


Meanwhile, I struggle with constipation. Apparently, many pregnant women experience this.  Drinking a lot of water and eating fruits don’t help for some reason. Two days ago, I had to go to the emergency after an episode of pushing to pass stool which caused me to leak white fluid. And in my worry, I had to request for an emergency ultrasound. (Yes, I am a very paranoid Mom!) I had to make sure everything was fine right then and there. Unexpectedly, this was also the time when we were passingly told our baby’s gender. Though the friendly sonographer said that she is only 90% accurate, we took it as it is. We are having a GIRL!

Here’s our little one waving to Mum and Dad! As if telling me to stop worrying and that everything is perfectly fine in there.

Sophia - 18w1d

I’m sure other pregnant women tend to worry like I do. The visits to the hospital every 4 weeks to listen to the baby’s heartbeat seems a very long wait. But hei-ho. We’re halfway there!


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