Third Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms

As we enter the final stage of Pregnancy – The Third Trimester, I start to feel a bit heavy and uncomfortable. Walking to the loo seems like a long journey, taking a shower takes a lot of energy, and I start to lose breath just by putting on my clothes. Far from the energy I had during the second trimester, I now much rather stay home with my legs elevated than go to the crowded malls. The good thing  is, I’ve done a lot of baby stuff shopping in the last 4 months and we have just a few big things to purchase – crib, travel system, baby monitors and new window blinds. I prefer buying these things at a later stage to avoid having our baby’s stuff getting dusty while we wait for our little bundle of joy to arrive. Anyway, Dubai Shopping Festival just started today on the 2nd of January. We should be able to get better deals around by the end of the month. Too bad I’m not up to the long walks. This is when my hubby gets to do his Daddy part! 

Back to my new pregnancy symptoms, apart from being exhausted, I now can’t eat as much as I did over the last couple of months. After a few bites, I feel like throwing up. It feels as if my stomach is on my chest. And all the food I eat just stays there for hours which is very uncomfortable. At times, I had to throw up to feel better.  And the only thing that looks yummy to me is McNuggets and Apple Juice! I know I should be avoiding fast food, but during my entire pregnancy, I don’t stress myself too much about what to eat and what not to eat. I pretty much ate whatever I liked and I gave in to all my cravings even to a can of Coca-Cola from time to time! Of course within limits.

Here’s moi and my baby bump, (10 kilos heavier) at 28 weeks, in the beginning of  the final trimester.

28 weeks


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