I Can’t Wait To Be Her Favorite Again!

My baby who is turning 10 months tomorrow, suddenly prefers her Dad over me these past few days. I have been very jealous lately that she crawls to him and sleeps on his chest at night. Don’t get me wrong. I am very happy that she has this wonderful connection with her Dad. I just miss her hugs and the way she would stare at my face until she falls asleep. I couldn’t think of any explanation why I’m now almost invisible to her when I was the super mom who used to make her giggle with the silliest sounds I make. She has been sick for a couple of days and still has cold and cough. Apart from her nanny who does a brilliant job in taking care of her whilst I’m at work, when I am home, I have been the one doing diaper change, cleaning her runny nose and administering awful tasting meds and nasal drops to help her get better. Now it seems that my little one thinks Mommy is all about annoying stuff and Daddy is for fun and play. She comes to me when her Dad is not around, then I become almost non-existent when Dad is home. It even comes to a point when she cries whenever I take her from him. Now all she does is give mommy a smile from afar. I wonder when she’ll come back to cuddle with me again. I can’t wait to be her favorite again!

Sophie Loves Daddy


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