Toddler Talks

My 2 years 9 month old daughter who has been going to a nursery since she was 1 and a half, started telling me about one of the kids in class who according to her has broken her water bottle, eaten her burger, smacked her with a toy on the forehead and pushed her in the play area. Of course these things did not happen all in the same day. She always had something to tell me about the kid. At first, I was suspicious that she might be exploring her story telling skills just like how we sit and play with puppets before bed time. But when I picked her up one day, one of the nannies gave me her broken water bottle and said it needs to be replaced because it’s leaking. My daughter told me the same evening that this kid in the nursery smashed it on the floor. And my kid did a re-enactment of how the kid broke it. I replaced the bottle and started paying more attention to what she tells me everyday.

Yesterday, I picked her up and on our way to the car, she said “Mommy my feet not feel better” I stopped walking and knelt down to see her eye to eye. I asked, “Why? What happened to your feet?” She answered and said “(Kid) stepped on me like this!” She stomped heavily on the ground to show me how the kid had hurt her foot. My blood shoot up and that’s it, I’m not having this kid keep pushing my daughter around. We immediately turned around and went back to the nursery to tell the head teacher about it.

I should have believed her at the first instance she mentioned being hurt by that kid. I mean we all know kids can get rough when they play altogether. But I’m not going to keep the constant attacks slide. I should have acted on it sooner. My initial reaction had me saying, “When someone hurts you, push them away and tell them not to play with you. Don’t let anyone hurt you or Mommy will be very mad.”  I’m sure some parents will not agree with me on this but I seriously want my kid to know that it is OK to stand up for herself and that it is not acceptable for anyone to hurt anybody.

As parents, it is our duty to make sure our kids are safe. During toddler years, it can be quite challenging to identify truth from imagination. I’m sure they don’t know what it means to lie at this age but they are just discovering how to tell stories. After what happened, I will now vow to always believe and trust my daughter so she will always know that she can trust her Mommy too.


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