Introducing Santa Claus

We had a long weekend in celebration of Prophet Mohammad’s birthday so we decided to go to the Oasis Centre and pick up a small Christmas tree for our daughter. Will tell you more about the tree on a separate post.

Every year the mall puts a nice Christmas display. This year they have a little red house and a real-life Santa Claus waiting inside to give gifts to kids.

I asked my daughter if she wants to meet Santa Claus. I told her that she got scared of him last year and she cried. Here are some photos of her first encounter with Santa Claus.


She said she will not be scared anymore because she is a big girl now. So we went in and let her meet Santa. She intently looked at Santa’s face, hair and clothes. She said hi but did not want to sit on Santa’s lap for the photo shoot.

Santa gave her a gift and she was delighted. Meeting Santa Claus definitely made the Christmas Season more interesting. We told her that Santa give gifts to good kids and she confidently said “I am a good kid!”.



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