MAC Lipstick Review – 2016

It is about time I do a review on a few MAC lipstick colours that I used in 2016. I showed you 4 of my favorite colours in my previous post and I got completely drawn to MAC Taupe Lipstick in Matte finish and purchased the same colour three times in the past 2 years. I have to admit I can never have enough lipstick in my kit. I apply then reapply a couple of times daily at work.

This year, I used these 3 colours (left to right: Twig in Satin Finish, Mehr and Viva Glam I in Matte Finish)
From last year’s colours which were more brownish and peach, I would say the colours I picked this year were more pinkish and had more reddish tones.

I love Twig in Satin finish. As you can see, I used it the most. I will definitely purchase the same colour. I like that it didn’t leave my lips dry and the colour was safe to use day and night. Mehr washed me out a bit so it required me to work on my blush whenever I used it. Viva Glam I is my perfect red lipstick. It has the right amount of red with brown undertones which is great for most skin tones.

To show you the shades, I did a swatch below.

If you are an avid MAC customer, if you don’t already know, remember to keep your empty containers and participate in the Back2MAC recycling program. All you have to do is bring 6 empty MAC containers to the nearest MAC shop and get yourself a free lipstick 💄


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