Nappy-free before 3!

We started potty-training my daughter when she was 1 and a half. And before age 2, I could take her with me anywhere without worrying about changing diapers with poop. She only peed in her nappy and would say “poo” if she needed to do number 2. We were sort of hit and miss with the pee for a couple of months. Sometimes she would say she wants to pee but before we reach the potty, she has already peed in her nappy. I was convinced to just let nature take its course and went easy on potty-training her.

I thought it was pretty cool to do a roleplay with her baby doll. I would randomly say things like “Oh no! Phobe peed in her nappy. Come and change it.” “Oops! There’s poopoo in her nappy. Not good. Smelly baby!” I got her involved in diaper changing until she picked up the things I always say and started playing on her own. She feeds her baby doll,change her clothes and diaper, and sleeps with her too. I think it had a lot to do with what happened next.

About a week ago, something great happened. We got out of the shower. I carried my little one and placed her on the foot of the bed like I always do. We were getting ready for bedtime. I turned around got her lotion, pajamas and nappy. She took me by surprise when she refused to wear a nappy. She said “I don’t want nappy, I’m not a baby!” I had mixed emotions. My baby is not a baby anymore. That revertebrated in my head for a good 3 seconds then I said “Great! Let’s get you a panty instead.”

I placed underpads on the bed just in case she pees in her sleep. I allowed her to sleep without a diaper and I was almost sure she was going to wake up in a pool of pee. The following morning, she woke up and said “I want to pee Mommy.” Fantastic! She did not wet the bed and  eagerly went to the bathroom to sit in her potty. She even pulled down her jammies on her own.

She has done this for 5 days now so I am proud to say my daughter is officially nappy-free before she turns 3! Hooray!

How about you Mommies? What is your memorable story on potty training? This is such an awesome milestone so I would love to hear yours too.


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