An Apology to my Husband

Dear Husband,

I guess it is safe to say that we have been Tom & Jerry in the past few years. I think we know by now that turning me into a Mother was a terrible idea. Despite the fact that I brag about my multi-tasking skills, I was not really good at it because at some point you have ran out of clean socks and went to work with a wrinkled shirt. Please forgive me.

During the first year of mothering an offspring, I have turned into a psycho. I accidentally threw stuff here and there. Laughed and cried at the same time. I am sorry I was going through some intense emotions. I was sleep deprived and physically being tested. And I have become the partner from hell. I absolutely appreciate that you didn’t go running for the hills.

The second year was worse. We lost a nanny, I had a new job and a baby being sent to a nursery. Forgive me that I can’t even make you coffee. I was mentally incapable of thinking about you and I am soooo sorry. I had trouble fitting into my dresses on a daily basis. I was barely getting 5-hour sleep and my mind was constantly being hammered by the thought of leaving my child to a stranger. It was exhausting. I didn’t mean to leave the house without saying goodbye. I was just really in a hurry trying to sneak out while the baby was still asleep. And it has become a habit that I know I shouldn’t have started. I really still want that kiss everyday.

Our daughter is turning 3, and I think I’ve become a psycho 13!+<4%. And you hate me by now. So I am writing you this apology that I should have done way before the baby has come. If only I knew Motherhood would drive me nuts. I am so sorry for the things I have not been able to do. And for the stupid things I do that add fuel to the fire. Sorry I neglected you. I don’t love you less. I just had a baby who needs me more. And that sort of took away the time we used to spend for each other.

Hubby, I have more to say… But I gotta go pick up our kid from the nursery!

With lots of love!
Your Psycho Wife from Hell xx



4 thoughts on “An Apology to my Husband

  1. That’s so emotional, love your transparency and was sure that time will change lots of things. Love you sister, May God bless u, Sophie and my lovely brother Saeed.


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