My Toddler’s First Bicycle 

As you may already know, it is sunny in Dubai all year round and the temperature rises to about 50C at the peak of the summer. The temperature gets better during the winter months which starts in December. I personally could not stand the heat and only enjoy the outdoors this time of year.

What’s even more enjoyable this time is having my little one as a companion outdoors! She likes to observe everything around her and finds things fascinating. She loves to walk, run and ask me questions about things she sees.

We decided to get her a bicycle as an early Christmas present. If I was going to decide on this (without asking Daddy who is very protective of her little girl) I would’ve picked a balance bike and fuel the adventurous side of my little kid. I wanted her to learn how to balance first and then learn how to pedal.

I was getting ready to order it but the debate on whether the bike is safe and enjoyable was going to get serious so I gave in and took our daughter to toys r us and checked out a regular bike with training wheels (This is Safer!, said her Daddy.)

They had a 10″ bicycle  which was perfect for her height as she can easily climb up and come down on her own.

It looks like the perfect height and size for a toddler but as soon as I asked her to step on the pedal, I could see her knee is closely reaching the handlebars.

So we ended up getting the 12″ bicycle suitable for age 3-6 years old. A bit high but it is good value for money as she can use it for a couple of years.

First day was fantastic! She learned how to use the pedals and was cycling on her own in no time. Soon I’d be able to jog with her! Yay!


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