At the Top (Burj Khalifa)

Hello friends!

It is the end of the year and I thought I should do this quick post after dropping by at Dubai Mall this evening. Dubai Shopping Festival started yesterday so the malls are packed with shoppers filling their carts with fantastic bargains everywhere. My daughter and I went to Dubai Mall to pick up At the Top tickets for our family friends who just arrived in Dubai for the holidays.

There’s massive crowd waiting at entrance of At the Top.

I got a little worried when the lady at the front desk told me to join the queue. But of course I don’t give up just like that. I pushed through the crowd with my kid in her stroller (people seem much nicer to mommies around here) and asked for the manager. Thank goodness for the gentleman who led me to the special queue for those who have pre-paid the tickets online. We got the tickets printed from a self-service machine in no time.

Should you decide to visit At the Top during holiday season, the most convenient way is to book online print the electronic receipt and head there a day or two in advance and get the actual tickets printed using one of the self-service machines. This way, you can avoid the long wait.

Here are the ticket prices for your info:

Non-Prime Hours: 125 AED (Adult), 95 AED (Kids)

Prime Hours: 200 AED (Adult), 160 AED (Kids)



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