What I Learned Today – at Fun City

I took my daughter to Fun City and today she insisted in going to the big play area where a mix of kids ages 3-7 play and not in the usual place we go to for little crawlers and toddlers. I decided to give it a go since I can go in to watch her anyway. But I was not prepared for what she wanted to do next.
I led her to the ball pit. And I noticed she was getting bored.

So I invited her to run around and see all other parts of the play area.

And she found a small slide.

She climbed up and sled down once then decided to run around again. She then insisted to climb up on her own. She didn’t want me to hold her. She was too excited!

At this point I shouldn’t be taking photos but I’m glad I did. I just captured my daughter doing this on her own for the first time with me (I can tell she has done this before at the Nursery). 

We had fun going through the tunnels.

And watched the rides from the bridge above.

And Sophia got comfortable. And happily watched the people below.

I thought to myself, She is exhausted and it’s time to leave. I was wrong. She asked to go to the big slide! My answer was “No, let’s wait till you are bigger” but she said “I can do it!”  So WE did it together.

But it didn’t end there. She wanted to go back up alone. But no way I was going to let her. We went back up and argued at the top. I could not let her go!

I felt my heart pounding and for the first time I had all sorts of things in my head. What if she falls? She might get hurt. Should I let her? Is this the right thing? Her Dad will be furious. Her Grandma will blame me. And she looked at me and said “I know how to go alone Mommy! Like in the Nursery”. I don’t know how she convinced me, with my heart pounding in my chest, I told her to wait until Mommy is at the end of the slide to catch her. I was so scared and anxious to say the least.  But when she did it on her own, I was so proud!

She did it a couple more times and trust me, my heart was pounding the whole time while cheering down the slide.

I learned 3 things:

First, Motherhood will be an endless discovery of my strength and fears.
Second, I will never be 💯percent sure that I’m doing the right thing 💯 percent of the time.
Third, I will never stop worrying about my kid.

I never understood my Mother for worrying too much, now I do. 


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