Toddler and an iPad

When I was pregnant, I enjoyed observing little kids at the malls and restaurants. There was some sort of trend with families eating together. Some parents give the kids their iPad to keep them busy so both Mommy and Daddy can enjoy a meal peacefully. I have to admit that at the time, I may have judged moms who took the easy way to keep their kids quiet. I told myself I would not expose my kid to gadgets until age 7. But as soon as I had my little one, I have exposed her to music and songs on TV and at Age 1, we played her songs and videos on the iPad. (However, let me be clear on this, I do not use the iPad to distract my daughter and keep her quiet) At 1 and a half, she was already doing all sorts of things on it. And trust me, I was amazed by how she quickly discovered how to work it and so I downloaded several educational apps for kids. Before I know it, my daughter has full command on the iPad and taking it away from her has become a daily battle. I immediately looked for ways on how to manage her screen time. And I found this!

OurPact is the best parental control app I’ve ever used that allowed me to manage my daughter’s screen-time without physically taking the device away from her.

The app allows me to remotely control my daughter’s iPad by hiding all the app icons according to the schedule I have in place. And now my daughter just puts her iPad away on her own when her apps are inaccessible.

Download this app. You will absolutely love it!


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