Pharmaceris Products

Since I have been buying all meds and formula from the pharmacy down the building, I have now become friends with the pharmacist. Since day one when I met her, she has been giving me testers of different products. And for some time I’ve been receiving some free Pharmaceris sample sachets. 

I didn’t use it until I ran out of face cream so I decided to use the samples and I instantly loved two of their products.

Dubai is pretty much sunny all year round and having a good SPF face cream is essential especially for people who are prone to skin pigmentation like me. 

Pharmaceris Moisturizing Face Cream with SPF30 is very good. It doesn’t leave your skin sticky or oily. It glides smoothly on your skin and its quick-absorb formula makes it a good primer. 

Pharmaceris Mattifying Fluid is a light-weight foundation and more like a BB cream. It also has SPF25. I found it very easy to apply even just using my fingertips. It has good coverage and is a good product to wear everyday to work. 

I never checked out make-up products in pharmacy so thanks to my friend who always gives me sample products. I think I just found a new favorite! 


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