So we’ve all heard, parenting requires a lot of hard work, patience and self-control. For now, I can tell you that raising a toddler also requires a good imagination. Nobody warned me about the “Why” question. These past few weeks, my daughter has been testing my brain (and my patience) with the question “Why?”.   A first time mom like me thinks this is a great display of curiosity and eagerness to understand a lot of things. If you think it is easy to answer this while you are doing other things like driving, or cooking, or segregating clothes to load in the washing machine, or even when you are just plain watching TV, let me tell you now, it isn’t. It is the question that could go on and on. And there were times when I answered my toddler “Why not?” because I have ran out of creative answers.

A few months ago, I could easily say “No” to her and she wouldn’t say anything. Now, a “No” from me would trigger the “Why” question.

Daughter: “Can I have a lollipop?”
Mom: “No”
Daughter: Why?
Mom: Because it’s bedtime
Daughter: Why?
Mom: Because it is past 8 and you shouldn’t have sugar.
Daughter: “But Why?”
Mom: Because you’ve already brushed your teeth
Daughter: “But Why Mommy?”
Mom: If you eat the lollipop, the mouse will come eat your teeth when you are asleep
Daughter: Why?
Mom: The Mouse likes to eat a sweet stuff.

My toddler will say “why?” again but here’s a trick that works for us, I throw a question back!)

Mom: Do you want the mouse to come visit you while you sleep?
Daughter: No
Mom: Do you want to lose your teeth?
Daughter: No
Mom: Ok then, Let’s put away the lollipop and go to bed.
Daughter: OK. Goodnight mommy!



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