1st Birthday Cake Smash

Two months from now, my little girl will turn 3. Time flies. I can’t help but think about her first birthday when we let her smash a cake.  It was awesome!

What we brought to the park:

Cake (baked by a friend of mine), Letter Blocks (a gift we received on our baby shower), Picnic Mat (we brought a pink crochet blankie) and some props. I dressed her up with the tutu her Grandma sent her and a floral headband from Claire’s.

My dear friend who is a photographer captured amazing shots. Here are some of the cute photos:

Mmm… that thing is sweet!

We did celebrate and invited a few friends on her birthday party, however, it was more like a celebration for us couple for surviving a year as parents.

Like I said, time flies… Our little one is not so little anymore.  At age 2, her favorite word was “No”. And now that she’s turning 3, she picks her clothes and shoes and says “No” and Why” about a hundred times a day.  So I’m so glad we did this when she was 1.

To new parents, enjoy every moment because each phase will be different than the other and each phase doesn’t last very long even if we want it to.


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