Funky Monkey

Raising a very active toddler keeps me active too. She enjoys her time at play areas but still refuses to go on her own. She still wants mommy to run around with her and that means I climb, slide and crawl into mazes too. It is exhausting but trust me, it is fun!

Another play area we go to is Funky Monkey. It is similar to Fun City’s play zone but with a jungle-like atmosphere.

The entrance is like a walk in the woods. My daughter was thrilled!

The play area has two sections. As you enter, the right side has big slides and on the left was a small slide leading to a ball pit.

The upper level of the play zone has mazes and tunnels… fun to crawl into!

And a bridge to cross!

After an action packed hour running to and from each and every corner of the jungle-themed play area, it was time to cool down and relax a bit. And what better way to calm a hyper kid than a little painting activity?

After painting a ceramic flower, she was ready to leave but not without a face paint!


We had a lovely time at Funky Monkey. I get to take home a cute little tiger!

If you would like to visit Funky Monkey, I suggest that you contact the number below to check if there is a birthday party going on as it can be jam-packed and crowded on some occasions.

Plan your visit!

Funky Monkey is located at Al Badaa Street, Al Wasl Center near Mazaya Center. Contact 04-3884114.



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