Growing up with Mustela

I would like to share our favorite products from Mustela since we have been using these since my daughter was born. Mustela products have been her daily essentials for 3 and half years.

Gentle Cleansing Gel is good for hair and body. It is gentle on the skin and eyes. We love the mild scent. 

Mustela Oil is perfect for massage and after-swim care. Keeps your baby’s skin moisturized without the sticky feeling.

Mustela Soothing Comfort Balm is a gentle chest rub with a mild eucalyptus scent. It  relaxes babies and kids to let them sleep soundly. It also has camomile and lime extracts. It soothes babies when they have colds.

Mustela Barrier Cream prevents nappy rash. We used it every diaper change and it is amazing.

Mustela Skin Freshener is a body mist with a mild scent. It is a great product to keep in her bag to freshen her up after a play date. I highly recommend this!

Mustela baby lotion ( I forgot to add in the photo) It is a daily essential after bath. Smells nice on baby’s skin all day!


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