Plasma Car

My 3-year old loves the outdoors. Despite the heat, she constantly asks to go out and take her scooter, bike, push-car or sometimes a remote control car. We live in an apartment and her space to play is quite limited however, our building is located along the bay and we can just come down to play.

My daughter is quite an active kid. One day she is on a bike, the second on a scooter…​

​And she has also been eyeing a plasma car at the toy store. However, the plasma car costs about 400 AED and I didn’t want to pay full price for it just like we did on a bike and scooter . Besides, she won’t be using it a lot when school starts. But of course, I promised to get her one so I waited online to catch a deal. And one day, voila! A second hand plasma car for 30 AED!  (Thanks Aaron. Hope your family is now settled back home.)

Plasma Car

It is a bit faded from the sun but in great working condition! And she loves it!

She rides the plasma car  when we go to the supermarket two buildings away from ours. She drives it on her own. It’s fantastic! I would definitely recommend it. It is durable. I can even use it myself (I’m a 53 kg adult). *wink*


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