Puppy x2

My daughter has a favorite stuffed animal which I bought before she was born. I kept it for awhile and gave it to her when she was about 6 months old. She has been playing with it since and it is the one thing that she always carried around with her up to this day (She is now 3 and a half).

We brought it along whenever we left the house. She cried and refused to drink milk without it.

Also brought it along to the nursery till she was about 2 and a half.

I came up with an idea of purchasing a similar stuffed toy from Carter’s but did not find it. I checked Ebay. It was 3 times the price plus shipping fee but that did not stop me. Her puppy needs to be washed!

I received the new pup and I was so excited to finally give her a clean one while the other is being washed. But the first day I handed it to her, she threw it away. I tried a couple of times but she kept feeling its nose and staring at it looking a bit sad and confused. It went on for days and I really noticed she was not fond of her new puppy. I felt bad tricking her and gave her both puppies at the same time hoping she would be surprised but at first look she immediately picked up her original pup.

Come on, they look alike! So much for my effort in getting the second one. My daughter never played with it. She can easily tell which one is her old (not really old) puppy. And it is the only one she carries along everywhere we go till this day.

And the only one taken to bed…

Brought along to her doctor’s clinic.

And to our friends’ houses 

Also at school events!

You get the idea. This pup has been part of our family for years. After the orientation at her new nursery, we were told not to send toys of any kind. Though we have already slowly detached our daughter from her favorite toy puppy, this time is a good time to stop allowing her to bring her toy everyday in preparation for the big school. Ahhh… Time flies!

I have to share this photo of my daughter the last day she brought her puppy to the nursery.




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