Shifting to a New Learning Center

We decided to enroll our 3 year old daughter in a new Early Learning Center close to my workplace. Since we were shifting to a new apartment in the same area, it was a good idea to start her semester there to avoid the disruption mid-sem. I was worried about how she would feel in her new environment because kids at this age tend to be very attached to their carers and she loves everyone at her previous nursery.

I remember the first day she went to Creative Kids Business Bay. She was only 1 and a half at the time. Her only words were Mama and Dada. She also just started to walk. Creative Kids – Business Bay has become her second home for almost 2 years.

Sophia’s First Day at Creative Kids at 1 and a half.

Shifting her now to a new ELC at 3 years old made me anxious because adjusting to a new playgroup, teacher and carer could be tough for a little kid.

The first 2 weeks were difficult. I felt sad whenever I dropped her off because she would cry and scream “Mommy!” when I walked out the door. And I could not help but cry a tear myself so I never looked back. It took us about a month to get her settled in her class. And then the crying stopped for a while. After the first semester, we traveled and went away for 3 weeks. And when we got back, we were back to square one. Another week of screaming and crying during drop-offs. It was sad really. I stay a bit longer outside and peep through the window and wait until I see she has stopped crying. That makes me less sad when I leave.

I asked my kid a lot of questions to know if there’s anything bothering her and why she always cries. Her answer was,  “because I will miss you and daddy”. It is heart-melting and sweet but I would love for her to finally feel comfortable and get settled in. I spoke to her teachers and I was told she is doing well in class and has no problem during the day. We also noticed how happy she is when we pick her up. She tells us about her activities and she is always excited to come back the next day. We accepted that she gets overly dramatic during drop-off and hope she’ll outgrow it soon.

Sophia at the New ELC at 3 and a half.

to be continued…


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