Bye-Bye Milk Bottles

Today marks the day we officially say goodbye to milk bottles. I had mixed emotions when I finally put away more than half a dozen of teats and bottles. I felt relieved from the daily bottle washing but at the same time I was coming to terms that my daughter is no longer a baby. She helped me put together the bottles and she threw away the teats in the bin herself and said “Bye bye bottles!”

Just to give you a background on this. My daughter was trained at 2 and a half years old to drink milk only 3 times a day – morning when she wakes up, afternoon at nap-time and last bottle at bedtime. I constantly talked to her about getting rid of her bottles. However, the habit of drinking milk while laying down was a bit difficult to break. For awhile, I was willing to wait until she finally outgrows drinking from a bottle on her own and it was not something I wanted to rush. Then I realized, that time is never gonna come without a push. She is now 3 and a half, with most of her bottle teats bitten to the core, I convinced her that it is time to drink milk from a cup like a big girl.

We are trying out this WOW 360 Spill-proof cup that we got from Baby Shop. At first I was skeptical. It comes in a variety of nice colors but I was not entirely convinced this is the perfect replacement for bottles.

So we brought one home to test it first.

Asked my daughter what she thinks, and she APPROVED!

Because this is spill-proof, I can also send this to the nursery without worrying about spillage in her bag. We call it a Magic cup!
The ease of washing is also a bonus. This comes in 3 detachable parts plus a cover that I can wash with a regular sponge.

The things they come up with these days are pretty awesome! This is a great replacement to milk bottles. Sophia loves it so bye-bye bottles indeed! ❤️


2 thoughts on “Bye-Bye Milk Bottles

  1. We cut bottles out when my daughter turned 2 and it wasn’t that bad surprisingly. The pacifier was a different story….
    Great post! Enjoying your blog. We have a lot in common.

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    1. Hello, Great job cutting the bottles at age 2. I’m sure it was easier than negotiating with a 3 year old. I just completely forgot to get her off the bottles. I never gave my daughter a pacifier, I assume it is more difficult to get them off it. 😁 Glad you enjoy my blog. Thank you!


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