“Full-time Moms” – All Mothers Are!

I always come across posts, blogs and group comments online about women who call themselves “full-time moms” and how tiring but rewarding the role is. Then I said wait a minute, are they referring to Moms who stayed home and didn’t leave the house to work? So does this make me a Part-time mom?

I started asking myself whether I am not doing the mothering role right because I work full-time. I will lie if I said that it didn’t bother me. It made me feel as if I am not giving my child enough time and I do not care for her as much as a non-working mom would.

The term “full-time Mom” makes the role of a working Mom sound diminished.

I have ignored this topic for awhile because staying at home is not an option for me now. I certainly think it would be nice but knowing myself, I will always come up with something to do. I actually have other talents and interests you know, apart from being Sophie’s mom.

I have friends who are stay-at-home moms who do a fantastic job in joggling some freelance work and mothering their kids.

And I may work full time but I cook, do the laundry, watch Peppa Pig, dance Gummy Bear, sing Baby Shark and worry about my daughter a lot too! And even with her nanny from birth until she was 1 and a half,  I have always been as full-time as any mom can be.

So all you Moms out there, let us all be in this journey together no matter what our circumstances. Keep calm and carry on mothering… full time!


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