The Bento Craze

When my daughter turned 3 years old, I started getting more creative (not overly) in preparing her meals. I do not mean “lets make a panda out of rice and seaweeds” creative but just “cut the oranges and use cutters on sandwiches” creative.

If you have kids going to school, I’m sure you already started bentoing lunches. If not, you must have missed the hashtag #yumbox on instagram that takes you to a world of bento lunch ideas that will get you inspired in packing your kid’s lunchbox everyday.

I picked up this yumbox from Virgin Megastore before the school year started. At the time they only had this piece left. It isn’t pink but I took it anyway. It is called the Yumbox Original. It has 6 compartments marked with food categories.

I enjoyed using this lunch box so much that I tried to get my hands on another one with a different tray. This one is called Yumbox Panino. It has 4 compartments. I ordered it from

What’s cool about these yumboxes is the silicon lid that tightly seals each compartment and keeps wet food like yogurt and dips from mixing with other food in the tray.

I personally would vouch for these Yumbox products. I have disposed loads of plastic containers and lunch boxes in varying sizes cluttered in drawers and cupboards. The Yumbox saved me from the nightmare of searching lids in the morning and washing 3 to 5 containers everyday.

My daughter also enjoys the variety of food in her box. Here are some of those favorite lunches packed into a Yumbox Original and Yumbox Panino.

They also have a snack box that is about half the size of these two.

To see more lunch ideas, follow me on Instagram @ladyzar. I share my daughter’s Yumbox lunches using the hashtag #sophiasyumbox


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