Shopkins Collection

I was never a Shopkins fan and never ever planned on collecting them. But before I knew it, my daughter already had so many of it in her toy boxes. When I finally gave in, I had to gather all those Shopkins which I found all around the house, mostly mixed with other toys or under the sofa. If you have kids who play with it, you probably know how annoying it is to search for those little things. So to spare myself from the agony, I got her a collector case ( which by the way, I have used as a bribe for her to stop crying during drop offs at the nursery) and finally put together a nice collection. I, all of a sudden, shared my daughter’s enthusiasm in collecting Shopkins.

But of course, it did not end there. She had only 3 Shoppies last year but now that has become 15 Shoppies over the Holidays, Dubai Shopping Festival and recent trip to Manila.

Here are what we have in our Shopkin Collection (list will be updated every now and then.

  1. Peppa Mint (Chef Club Edition)
  2. Pam Cake
  3. Rainbow Kate
  4. Pirouetta
  5. Polli Polish
  6. Pineapple Lily (Smoothie Truck)
  7. Pretti Pressie (Party Game Arcade)
  8. Bridie
  9. Kirstea
  10. Peppa Mint (World Vacation- Gelati Scooter)
  11. Rosie Bloom
  12. Tippy (Tea Party Playset)
  13. Lippy Lulu (Beauty Boutique)

14. Bubbleisha

15. Cocolette

16. Lucy Smoothie

17. Frosted Cupcake Queen Cafe

18. Shopville Mall

To be continued…


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