Not a Terrible 3

I heard and read so many mommy stories about raising terrible 3’s. So when you turned 3 years old, I was expecting you to turn the house upside down and make me run around to clean up your mess. And Oh boy you did! But the truth is, it wasn’t so terrible at all. I had bad days when I was unable to control my temper and I am sure I have terrified you once when I put all your toys in a black garbage bag and pretended to take it out to the garbage chute. You cried and screamed your lungs out saying “Sorry Mommy!!!” but that was the last time I ever had to do such thing because it actually made me feel bad. Really really bad. But hey, that was also the last time you scattered toys on the floor. Never seen you throw toys everywhere since. And you kinda learned how to tidy up the toys when you are done playing. Still, I am sorry I did it.

I had to teach you how to do little things around the house at an early age because I have a hard time joggling a job and a home to manage. If I could, I would love to only take care of you and play all day but this is not an option. I give you tasks so you can do things with me; like loading and unloading the washing machine, returning your shoes in the shoe cabinet, putting your dirty clothes in the laundry basket and carrying your plate back to the kitchen when you have finished your food. You enjoy watching mommy cook and you love helping me wash the dishes.  You actually make house chores fun to do when you are happy to participate and help mommy.


No, this is not Child-labor. My daughter is happy to do this with me 🙂

I still question myself if I am doing the right thing all the time.  (Excuse me Perfect Moms, this blog is sort of my diary so I don’t need your opinion. You can create your own blog for that!) I do not have house help and struggle a lot with a lot of chores so I am trying to make this as fun and manageable as I can.

Sophia, my darling, you are not a terrible 3! You are awesome xx:)


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