Dubai Motion Gate

Every year our company organizes a team building event. Though our families were also invited to join, I was unable to go to last year’s group activity at IMG World because it was not really a place where I can take my toddler to. The rides there are extreme and I am not a fan of scary rides either so I decided to skip it.

This year, however, our company organized our event at Dubai Motion Gate. I happily brought my daughter with me and we had a fantastic time.

The weather was OK. The temperature outdoor was somehow tolerable in the month of February. It was warm but breezy. It cooled down around 5PM.

My 3-year old got to try only 3 kid’s rides due to age and height restrictions. First was the spinning tea cups at the Kung-Fu Panda station which I was not able to capture because I got dizzy.

Second, the Melman-Go-Round.

Then lastly, the Smurf Studio tour riding this cute little car.

At the end of the tour, she picked Smurfette to bring home with her.

We roamed around and took plenty of photos. One with the Penguins.

One time Shrek decided to be photobomb our selfie.

And here’s a photo taken by my kid. Awesome!

We spent about 6 hours and decided to leave before sunset. Overall, It was an awesome day and I am so lucky I got to spend it with my mini!


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