Midnight Thoughts

It’s past 12 midnight and I am laying in bed with a dim light on my bedside. My body says I had a long day and I’m tired but my brain is scattered like confetti.

I have been thinking about how stressful it is to be a Mom. Add the word “working” before “Mom”. And without a nanny/helper to support us, my husband and I work hand in hand and do what we can. At times, it can still be overwhelming.

I am thinking about how I find comfort in chatting with Mommy friends about how their days have been chaotic this week, how much laundry I still have in the baskets and how much we want to have brunch (it always sounds like a vacation). Our conversations always run the same course “hi, how are you, it’s been a while, what I’m doing now, (annoying events / great news ), things I haven’t done and I will do this week, oh lets see each other, wait my daughter just spilled juice, bye!”

I also think about how Motherhood has taught me to empathize with other moms. That the struggle is real and everyone is on an emotional roller coaster after popping the first child. I learned to give a little boost of confidence because I appreciate the same from my friends when I feel inadequate.

I think about how lucky I am. That I wake up with a purpose and fully trust in God that everything will be fine.

I think about my dreams, my wishes and my hopes for the future. How this new Solar year is also the beginning of finding my personal truth and the most authentic path forward (that’s what my horoscope says).

I am also thinking about the bills, the beginning of a new chapter, kid going to school and how expensive it is to pay for a school bus.

I am also thinking about what to pack in my daughter’s bento box tomorrow. What fruit to send her, I think there’s only one kiwi left.

Signing off… Putting my mobile phone away to get some sleep if I can. I’ve got less than 5 hours before my alarm goes off. Night! x


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