On my 34th

My birthday is coming in a few days. My photo posted on the office bulletin board has been a constant reminder of my age. I can’t help but feel nostalgic. Taylor Swift’s song titled 22 keeps ringing in my head and got me thinking of those carefree years. It makes me smile. Time has really gone by so quickly and hooray! I survived.

I am thinking how my life in the past decade has changed me as a person. I realized that in my 30’s I truly have become comfortable in my own skin. I found a deeper sense of beauty in my life and in the person I have become.

There is no beauty in envy, jealousy, destruction, manipulation and bitterness.

Beauty is not skin deep. Being beautiful means so much more. It is waking up with a purpose. It is being a mother, it is making bento boxes for a preschooler, in being a wife, in accepting mistakes and learning from it, it is being a daughter, being a sister, being kind not just nice, it is making choices that do not contradict our high-moral values, it is self-respect, it is the principles we live by, it is the art of teaching others what we know, it is the acceptance of diversity, our ability to empathize, the happiness we feel for other people’s good fortune.

“Beauty is shining our light without blowing other people’s candles.”

I am grateful for my life’s lessons because I learned so much about myself. That at this very moment, I can wholeheartedly say, I am totally fine to have an opinion, belief and morals different from majority and I gracefully stand my ground.

Happy 34th to me. What a beautiful life! xo


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