Eid Holidays at Sheraton Resort Abu Dhabi

I was checking out budget-friendly places we can go to for the Eid Holidays and remembered I completely forgot to publish a blog post about our stay at the Sheraton Hotel and Resort in Abu Dhabi last year. We got an awesome deal from booking.com given our the last-minute decision to drive down there.

The drive from our place in Dubai to the hotel is approximately 1 hour and 26 minutes. We decided to make a stop at the Emirates Park Zoo which is just along the way. You can read our experience on my blog post.

The hotel reception was busy when we reached. Lots of people queue in to check-in which was understandable as it was a holiday. They did a good job by offering welcome drinks and refreshments.

Here are a couple of our photos at the resort:

My daughter loved the kid’s pool and we stayed there in the mornings.

There’s plenty of restaurants to choose from at the resort but of course most kids love Italian so does mine. So we always had a meal at La Mamma Restaurant to satisfy my little girls tummy.

In the afternoon until sunset, we stayed at the beach. She was so excited for her dad to bring her a bit further away from the shore in a banana boat.

I enjoyed it myself and dozed off by the shore. The hubby took this photo and used it as an evidence that he gives me “alone-time“.

After a relaxing day under the sun, we had dinner at Flavours Restaurant. They have a nice selection of international dishes.

And you know how kids want to eat the same food over and over again? Luckily they also have pasta for this munchkin. And of course her odd pairing with hummus and fish fillet!

We rested in our room a bit. Then we decided to hit the pool again.

Someday, my daughter will see this in her teens. This is her first night out at a bar with her mommy and daddy! 😂

We enjoyed our time and hope to visit again. ❤️


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