To All Moms like Me

Life has many twists and turns. At some point in time, we all get busy with life’s daily tasks. For me, the biggest turn was becoming a mother. It is the most humbling experience of my life.

Now that my daughter is 4, here’s how my day goes. I wake up, prepare lunch boxes, then get myself ready for work and my daughter for school. Then back at 6 PM – prepare dinner, give my daughter a bath and then spend time with her before bedtime. It is hard work especially when there are other house chores that need to be done. I may either fall asleep with her and wake up hating myself the next day or get back out to get on with other tasks before midnight. It is exhausting to say the least. I get physically and mentally drained most days and always look forward to that one day off in the weekend to catch up with other things (like a basket full of laundry).

Who knows what moms like me really do everyday? FYI, I have a full-time job, no house help AKA “Full-Time Mom”.  My life as a Mom is not glamorous. I may be in my dress and heels everyday at work, but trust me, I could live in just my sweat pants and shirt. I feel my best when I wear my mommy hat on. So excuse me, I typed this sitting on the bathroom floor while my kid is having a bath with her LOL doll.

I’d like other moms like me to know that it is OK. It is OK to say we don’t always get things right. That most of the time, we rush to get things done. It is OK to admit that we get a little frustrated and tired.

It is OK to talk about the messy stuff because motherhood is beautiful in all its authenticity – sweat and tears!



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