A Day at Kids HQ

Eid Mubarak everyone! It is a wonderful weekend to celebrate Eid with the family. Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays.

We have one extremely excited kid. No school, both Mom and Dad are home, lots of playtime, no bedtime rules!

We surprised her with this new toy that she’s been asking for in the past few weeks. We had no idea what she was talking about until I decided to google it myself and give it to her as Eid Present. I will put a separate post about this new addition to her Shopkin collection.

We brought her to Kids HQ today – a play area that we’ve been planning to visit for quite some time.

Photo credit: Manisha Surange (Image linked to the source)

The place is in close proximity to our home but we just never visited this place because we kind of got used to either Magic Planet and Fun City. Though we have been to a couple of play areas in Dubai, she chooses Fun City Oasis Mall any day. But now Kids HQ is her new favorite spot!

Kids HQ is located in Al Barsha and was the winner of Kids Awards for Best Soft Play area in 2016 and 2017.

They have 2 slides, and long wavy one and a twister tunnel slide.

They also have a trampolines, a ball pit and a climbing area.

There’s a big space around the gym where the kids can ride a mini car.


There is a separate section for toddlers too.

And what’s really cool is that Mums and Dads can sit at the Cafe right beside the play area and watch the kids. But we didn’t do that today because this is a new place for her so we also went in and played with her a bit until she met a friend.

We absolutely love this new place and will definitely come back again.

How about you Mommies? I would love to know other cool places and activities for Kids.



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