Best Butter Chicken in Town

If you love butter chicken as much as we do, one Indian Restaurant that you shouldn’t miss in Dubai is Asha’s Restaurant.

Eid Lunch Date. We brought in a kid’s meal for our 4-year old. She had spaghetti and chicken.

My hubby and I share the same craving for butter chicken. I do not eat most spicy Indian dishes so we requested everything mild spicy. These are two of the most popular dishes you can never go wrong with:

The butter chicken is very tasty and has a rich delicious butter and milk flavor. The sauce alone is an enjoyable dip to a hot naan.

My hubby loves the biryani. It has tender boneless chicken pieces buried in a hot pot filled with rice. The caramelized onion is delicious and has a little hint of saffron in every bite. It also comes with minty yogurt on the side.

The appetizer is also worth mentioning. We were served with crunchy Poppadoms with some dipping sauces and papaya toppings.

We tried a cold dessert called Ras Malai. It is not something I would probably order again. So I have to try some other dessert next time.

Overall, our meal at Asha’s is very filling and satisfying. They have the best butter chicken in town and that is reason enough to come back again.



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