Totally Random!

My daughter is a very curious kid. The moment she starts learning new things from school, she shares it with us at home and it becomes a topic of conversation for a couple of days. The nursery recently took the kids to a fire station.

That fueled her curiosity about community helpers and the role they play. She also has been very observant on the road whenever she hears a siren. She would ask about why fire trucks and ambulance need the cars to move out of the way and why Police cars are so fast.

I took my daughter to a train ride last weekend. The last time we took it for a joy ride was about 3 years ago when my parents have come to Dubai for a visit.

We hardly used the train so she was very excited and her eyes wandered around asking me a gazillion questions about the people around and where they are going, about the walls and ceilings, why they are so huge, about how people can get to Mall of the Emirates using the train etc.

Our ride from Business Bay to Sharaf DG was smooth. She enjoyed looking out the window and said how small the cars look from above.

We reached our destination. It was time to get off the train. She held my hand and said it was fun! On our way out, police officers where at the exit. My kid started asking questions about them. Why are the police officers standing there? What are they doing in the metro station? Where are they going? We tapped out the gate and my daughter’s eyes lit up like Christmas as soon as one Police officer said hello to her! I realized it’s her first time to see a policeman up close. To top that, there was a shop at the walk way towards the exit and my daughter said, “Wait Mommy! can you buy me that clock?” The officer heard her and said, which one do you like? She pointed at a small pink alarm clock with a grin. The police officer bought it for her.

I took a photo of that encounter but I decided to share it discreetly here. I am amazed by how that meeting made my kid so happy! And she has already asked me twice to look at the photo since then. How many times do you actually meet a Policeman who buys you a toy? To make a little kid happy like that is such a kind, friendly gesture and totally random!

My kid is over the clouds and still bragging about meeting a friendly Policeman and has been showing this mini alarm clock to all her friends. That was one amazingly unique experience for a 4-year old.


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