Brought Home Teddy for a Day

All moms love talking about their kids. And why not? These little children may drive us mad with the mess in our homes and the tantrums they throw every now and then, but they bring us immeasurable happiness and purpose everyday.

As for me, I love writing about memorable events on my blog. Something my daughter can read one day. This post is about one of my “Proud Mommy” moments.

My kid is in Kindergarten. I was quite anxious on the first day because she cried when I dropped her off. But I would say it is normal for some kids to feel that way because it is a new environment with many unfamiliar faces.

Thank God the following days were different! She enjoyed her class and now feels comfortable with her teachers and classmates.

It is now her second week in big school. Yesterday, she came home with a Teddy and I cannot describe the excitement on her face when she told us that her teacher chose her to bring Teddy home for a day. She said “My teacher said I was very good in the class!”

She also said the teacher gave her a star when she answered her question, “How many days are there in a week?” And she raised her hand and said “Seven!” Then she sang the Days of the week song.

Today, she brought Teddy back to school.

The teacher showed us the classroom smiley board. I had to snap a photo to put on my journal.

This seconded what her nursery teacher told us. She sets a good example to her classmates. She is well-behaved and actively participates in the class.

Bringing home Teddy for a day surely was a great motivation and has made her happy about herself. For a kid, I think that instills the idea that being good will never go unnoticed.


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