Kofta Bil Saniyeh

One of my favorite Lebanese dishes is Kofta Bil Saniyeh. Here’s an easy recipe!


    Kofta – You can prepare it yourself. (You’ll need minced beef, parsley, onions, spices) You can also find ready made Kofta in the supermarket or butcher shop.
    Tomato Paste
    Salt & Pepper
    Chicken Broth Cubes

Cooking Steps:

1. Wash Potatoes and Tomatoes (task was delegated to this cutie pie)

2. Thinly Slice Potatoes and Tomatoes

3. Flatten Kofta in a oven dish

4. Lightly fry potatoes and then line them up on top of the kofta.

5. Then add tomato slices on top

6. Prepare mixture of Tomato paste, Water, Maggi Chicken Cubes, Salt and Pepper to taste.

7. Pour the liquid mixture in. There should be enough to cover everything in the dish to avoid burnt tomatoes. Pop it in a preheated oven at 220 degrees for about 40mins.

8. Once liquid is reduced and the tomatoes are cooked, it is time to serve it!

You can eat it as it is but much nicer paired with Rice.

Enjoy! Xoxo


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